SYSTEM 48 - Folding Sliding Doors

Utilising the strength of the glass itself bonded to extruded 22mm alloy sections and using the finest stainless steel rolling hinges available we have been able to create a new folding sliding door system that provides the finest architectural lines ever seen.

At last we have a folding system that directly compliments our fixed, sliding and pivot models - System 22, to great effect. The quality, finish and fixings used so successfully on our sliding range have again been used on System 48 ensuring continuing high standards and compatibilty.

Practical, beautiful fine lines and the largest glass panels used anywhere, with double glazed units up to 2600mm high and 1000mm

wide, the final result either open or closed is one of true refinement, redefining the folding door system. Effortless movement of these huge panels is achieved by clever innovation and by uncompromissing quality custom made components intergrated at the design stage and followed through manufacture to installation, ensuring many years of effortless daily use.

Performance is comparable to our System 22 units giving typically good ā€˜Uā€™ values and full height integrated weather seals ensure a highly thermally efficient window system; (see tech spec).

The basic structure of System 48 folding doors rely on our proven 22mm 6063T6 thermally broken alloy section, two are required, hinged to create a folding unit, each factory bonded to sealed double glazed panels resulting in one high strength unit.

Each alloy section is thermally broken to make them thermally efficient and one of each pair contains a built in full height weather strip for full weather protection when closed. Alloy frames can be finished in Polyester Powder Coating to BS EN 12206-1:2004.

Sealed glass units are double glazed typically 6mm inner low-E glass panel with up to 12mm toughened outer panel and a 16mm Argon filled cavity.