Fineline Precisely

Pioneers are those who have the foresight to do something that changes perceptions, opinions, thinking, and life. Like you, we seek the unconventional, whilst yearning for simplicity. Which is why we’ve been unrelenting in the development of our high-end ultra-slim framed aluminium doors and windows.

Uncompromising regarding how our systems are installed. And unsurpassed when it comes to the aesthetics, the detail of finish, the engineering quality, and the innovative nature of our products.

We design our high-quality architectural glazing systems to add beauty.  From our range of sliding doors, bifold doors and pivot doors, to our roof glazing, curtain wall, windows, balustrade, and glass extensions, every sightline, every mechanism, every detail marks the distinction between a building, and a show-stopping building.

Our slim frame windows and doors are renowned for their aesthetics, quality, durability and performance. But we also pride ourselves on our service, our support, and our customer satisfaction, for both homeowner and Architect. Our expertise and problem-solving capabilities help turn their vision into a reality.